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TMT Bars

About Ribbed Bars

In developing countriesthe use of Fe550 grads high strength TOR-KARI (Tor 55 Grade) steel reinforcement has now become imperative not only to save on the cost of reinforcement steel, but also to contribute its conservation. All the mechanical propertiesof Ratusaria RIbbed bars are 1.2 times to that of TMT Bars.

Uses and Applications:

  • As ties in columns
  • As main reinforcement and distribution steel in slabs
  • As stirrups in beams
  • In RCC walls, lift walls, shear wals, waffle, waffle slabs and paving
  • As thermal reinforcement in PT slabs
  • As spiral and longitudinal reinforcement in railway sleepers and hume pipes
  • As skin reinforcement in basement walls, slumps and water retaining structures

Advantages and Benefits:

  • Minimum 25% saving in steel compared to TMT bars of grade Fe415.
  • Higher breaking load and bond strength due to scientific rib design.
  • Saving in construction cost.
  • Easily weldable.
  • Advancement in construction technology and improvement in construction quality.
  • Savings due to higher strength and smaller diameter.
  • Better structural performance.
  • Precast components.
  • Used efficiently and effectively to achieve maximum economy.

Steel Savings

Sl.No Grade Dia.(in mm) Weight Per mm (in kg) Metre Per Metric ton Eq. Qty (in kg) w.r.t ribbed bar lenght Steel Savings
1 TMT 8 0.397 2519 1306.12 23.43%
Ratusaria Ribbed Bar 7 0.304 3290 1000.00
2 TMT 6 0.223 4484 1306.12 23.43%
Ratusaria Ribbed Bar 5.25 0.171 5848 1000.00

Cost Savings

Sl.No Grade Dia.(in mm) Weight Per mm (in kg) Rate Amount Cost Savings
1 TMT 8 1306.12 41.50 54203.98 19.75%
Ratusaria Ribbed Bar 7 1000.00 43.50 43500.00
2 TMT 6 1306.12 42.00 54857.4 19.79%
Ratusaria Ribbed Bar 5.25 1000.00 44.00 44000.00